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Do you stay up all day and your feet hurt horribly? And are you looking for comfortable shoes that you can wear all the time? Thanks to their orthopedic sole, our Marie Shoe ™ will protect the soles of your feet and prevent pain. If you have wide feet or suffer from hallux valgus, these shoes are made for you! The combination of a large opening and an expandable bootie makes this pair comfortable to wear, even for you. The slipper hugs your foot without any pain.

Take advantage of their design and their ultra-comfortable sole. With them on your feet, no one will guess that you are wearing orthopedic shoes.



BALANCE THE DISTRIBUTION OF WEIGHT ON THE PLANETARY ARCH: The memory foam sole provides immediate relief. 92% of our customers declare that they feel beneficial effects in just one day!

REDUCE THE EPISODES OF PLANETARY BREATHING: The mesh of the liner and the composition of the soles of our Marie Shoe ™ are ultra-breathable. Your feet breathe throughout the day, which reduces the risk of yeast infection and keeps them healthy.

AESTHETICS: Marie Shoes ™ are NOT like traditional orthopedic shoes! No one will suspect that they are!

EASY TO PUT ON AND COMFORTABLE: Thanks to their elastic liner, you can walk without pain all day. It doesn't compress your foot. It gently follows the shape of your feet.


  • The feet play an important role in our lives and yet we neglect them too often! They carry us and allow us to explore our city, to move around. Don't wait until it's too late to take care of your feet! Because orthopedic shoes are only reserved for people with problems. They can also be used for prevention. Five tips to keep your feet healthy:
  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly with each shower. Dry between each toe to prevent the development of yeast
  • If the slightest pain or anything seems suspicious, do not wait and consult a doctor
  • Change socks every day, even if you think you may have been sweating
  • Always choose a sole that is comfortable for your feet, and if necessary, do not hesitate to buy additional soles in shops or go to a podiatrist to get tailor-made ones.
  • Vary as much as possible the type of shoes you wear (width, height) so that your foot does not take on a particular shape



  • The style of a combined moccasin and orthopedic shoes for together under the sign of comfort and trend
  • Thick sole for more comfort
  • Zippers on the sides for easy donning
  • 3 colors available
  • European sizes


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